Charlotte trilby beauty verse pallete


Darlings, my NEW! Beautyverse Palette is like a beautifying filter for beauty star eyes!

Put STARS IN YOUR EYES with these futuristic finishes and eye-gilding shades that play with the light as you dance all night! JUST SWIPE, GLIDE + PRESS TO POP!

1 PALETTE, LIMITLESS PARTY LOOKS! Featuring 9 shades in 3 MESMERISING finishes, create SHOW-STOPPING FESTIVE LOOKS with the neutral and EYE-POPPING hues...

  • Virtual Taupe: A FUTURE MATTE neutral taupe shade!
  • Supernova Suede: A warm suede brown shade in my FUTURE MATTE finish!
  • Space Chocolate: A deep chocolate brown FUTURE MATTE shade to define and smoke!
  • Cosmic Pink: A FUTURE MATTE pink eyeshadow for pretty party eyes!
  • Cyber Silver: A silver shade with my shimmering CRYSTAL GLOW foil finish!
  • Beautyverse: My molten champagne PARTY TOPPER shade that reflects the light!
  • Planet Pink: A CRYSTAL GLOW shimmering metallic pink shade!
  • Digital Lilac: A beautifying lilac shade with a shimmering CRYSTAL GLOW foil finish!
  • Golden Galaxy: A show-stopping golden-bronze CRYSTAL GLOW shade!

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