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Also worth keeping in mind: You shouldn’t use it in the same routine as benzoyl peroxide, as the combo of BHA and benzoyl peroxide can be too drying for most. However, you definitely can (and should) pair it with a retinol, so long as your skin can tolerate it! BHA and retinol actually have a synergistic effect when used together, working to smooth and decongest skin over time. (If you tend to have dry or more sensitive skin, consider using your Blur Drops in the daytime and retinol in the evening.)

Whether you use it day, night, or both, you’re guaranteed to see results. How are we so sure? When used as directed by 35 subjects for two weeks, it was clinically proven to reduce excess oil (based on instrumentation testing) and reduce both shine and visible pores (based on expert clinical grader evaluation).

And, after two weeks of use, a clinical study found that*:

  • 100% agreed this minimized the appearance of pores
  • 97% agreed this immediately blurred pores
  • 97% agreed skin immediately had a soft matte finish without dryness
  • 97% agreed the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) looked less oily

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