Huda beauty easy bake and snatch shade banana bread


Supremely smooth, silky and ultra-finely milled, the sublime Easy Bake and Snatch Pressed Powder blends seamlessly into skin leaving a soft, velvety matte finish that won't budge or melt.

A cakeless bake, anyone? If you virtually cannot live without the bestselling loose powder we all know and love, then prepare to be inseparable from its compact sibling. Made to control shine, amp up the brightness (without any flashback, of course), and set your make up in place in any weather, this sweat-proof powder is the not-so-secret key to a runway-ready look that can stand the test of time and temperature. Simply dab and press for a subtle, illuminated finish that easily be mistaken for an airbrushed effect. Meet your match with sweet-treat inspired shades including 'Pound Cake', 'Banana Bread', 'Cinnamon Bun', 'Pound Cake' and 'Coffee Cake'; it's time to grab your brush (or blender) and get ready to bake the base of all bases!

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