Nyx 03 Albaster colour correcter concealer


How to use

Master the color correcting techniques that have dominated your for you page! Get your fix on with a wide range of shades for all needs and skin tones.

0.1 Green: neutralizes redness on light to medium skin tones.
0.2 Pink: brightens and conceals discoloration on fair to medium skin tones.
0.3 Yellow: brightens and conceals discoloration on fair to light skin tones.
0.4 Dark Peach: brightens and conceals discoloration on medium to deep skin tones.
0.5 Apricot: conceals hyperpigmentation and offsets dark areas on deep skin tones.
0.6 Brick Red: corrects deep discoloration on rich deep skin tones.

Fix dullness, redness, blemishes, dark spots, undereye circles, and discoloration for all skin tones and all skin types! After color correcting, layer on the complexion shades as needed to conceal & brighten. These comfortable 12-hour wear complexion shades layer flawlessly under and over foundation for a full-face fix!

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